Privacy Policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that a website saves on your computer or mobile device when you visit it. First-party cookies are cookies created by the visited website. Only the website that created them can read the information stored in them. Persistent cookies are cookies that are stored on the user’s computer and are not automatically deleted when the browser is closed, unlike session cookies, which are deleted as soon as the browser is closed. Third-party cookies are also used on the website, which are created by external services that also create their own cookies. Cookies can also be used to collect anonymous statistics about browsing on our website.

How and what cookies do we use?

“Žilinskis and Co, UAB” primarily uses first-party cookies on its websites. These cookies are set and controlled by “Žilinskis and Co, UAB”. However, on some pages of this website, you may need to accept cookies from external organizations.

“Žilinskis and Co, UAB” uses several types of first-party cookies, including:

  • Cookies for storing visitor preferences.
  • Technical cookies (to ensure the functionality of our websites).
  • Analytical cookies (to collect aggregated analytical data about the behavior of website users).

Visitor preferences

“Žilinskis and Co, UAB” sets these cookies, and only “Žilinskis and Co, UAB” can read their information. These cookies remember whether you have agreed to the website’s cookie policy or not. The cookie used for this purpose is called cookies_notification_closed. This cookie records a value of 1 (if the user clicks “Agree” in the cookie consent banner) or 0 (if the user has not yet clicked “Agree” in the cookie consent banner) and is stored even after the browser is closed until it is deleted from the user’s browser.

Technical cookies

There are some cookies included to make certain pages function. Your consent is not required to use them. These are technical cookies. The website uses a technical cookie called phpsessid, which is used to ensure the functionality of the page (e.g., remembering the return to the last location while navigating the website). This is a first-party session cookie and is deleted when the browser window is closed.

Analytical cookies

“Žilinskis and Co, UAB” uses analytical cookies solely for internal analysis purposes to improve the services provided to all users. These cookies simply evaluate the actions users take on the website, and this process is anonymous (user identity is not determined when collecting data). Anonymous statistical data may be shared with contractors responsible for communication projects under contracts. More information about the Google Analytics cookies used can be found here:

Third-party cookies

On some pages of the website, external service providers such as “YouTube,” “Google Earth,” plugins for graphics and form generation, scripts, and related content may be displayed. In order for users to view such third-party content, they must first agree to specific terms and conditions, including the third-party cookie policy, over which “Žilinskis and Co, UAB” has no control. However, if visitors do not view this content, no third-party cookies are stored on their devices.

Third-party service providers on “Žilinskis and Co, UAB” websites include Google and CloudFlare. “Žilinskis and Co, UAB” has no control over these third-party services. Service providers may change their terms of service, purposes, cookie usage terms, and so on at any time.

How to manage cookies?

Users can manage/delete cookies at their discretion. Detailed information is provided at

Removing cookies from your device

All cookies can be removed from a user’s device by clearing the browsing history in the browser. This will remove all cookies from all visited websites. Please note that this may also result in the loss of some stored information, such as saved login credentials and website preferences.

Managing cookies for specific websites

To have more control over cookies for specific websites, you should check your chosen browser’s privacy and cookie settings.

Blocking cookies

In the latest browsers, you can set your device not to store any cookies, but this may cause some services and features to not work properly.